10 Basic Questions Every Person Who Aspires To Be Self-employed Must Answer

Ever thought of starting your own business? Starting your own successful business can be one of the most exciting times of your life. BUT, you need to do a little “soul searching” first.


Here are 10 questions you really need to answer honestly!

  1. Why do I want to be self-employed? If your answer is not driven by a passion, then you better think again about being self-employed. Successful self-employment takes perseverance and passion drives perseverance!
  2. Are you really willing to work as many hours as it will take to be successful? This is why you need the passion. 16 hour days are not uncommon. I remember in the early days of our manufacturing business, I would get to work at 5am and would not get home sometimes until midnight. My passion gave me a “supernatural” kind of energy.
  3. Do you have “High Altitude” vision? If you don’t think big, then you will need to learn how. You need to know how to see the big picture, this will help you see the goal which can be waaaaay down the road. You need to be able to see where you are going. It will also help you overcome daily problems. You can read more about how to create vision in my book, “The Success Factor.” See the book
  4. Do you have a product/service ( or can you get one ) that people or businesses need or want? It’s Hard to sell screens to a submarine manufacturer. Also, providing a product or service that people need on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) is going to be easier than providing products that people only buy once in a lifetime or once every 10 years. Monthly repeat customers are best in my opinion. Don’t sell airplanes, sell airplane parts!
  5. Have you identified your prospective customers? The previous question can help answer this one.
  6. Are you prepared to not make any money the first year? Or maybe two? Learn how to live well below your means.
  7. Do you have enough money to capitalize your business? If you don’t know how to answer this question, then a red flag should come up! You need to know what it takes financially to start a business before you move ahead. If you don’t know, then find out!
  8. Are you a people person? If not, you better hire a “right hand man” who is one. The biggest challenge in running any business is dealing with people!
  9. Do you have a strong desire to help other people? We have enough greedy, egotistical business owners in our world today. If you truly have a desire to help others, then you will succeed by default.
  10. Are you humble? If you answered yes…then you’re probably not. Do not make a daily effort to be humble, make a daily effort to NOT be prideful. Always give credit for successes to those who work for you and always take credit for the mistakes yourself! Remember this: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6 ESV) Believe me, you’ll want God on your side!

This list is not exhaustive but it is a great start. If you have never started a business, I highly recommend you hire a coach who can help you in the beginning months. This will be an investment that could greatly improve your chances of success. You will just need to add this coaching fee into your start-up costs.

One major requirement for the coach you select should be: He or she has already accomplished what you aspire to accomplish!


Give More To Live More!

I want to share a biblical principle with you that will help you attain a fuller, richer, more successful, more content life!


Giving more to live more seems like the opposite of what the world would have us believe. The world says, receive more to live more.

Here is a principle that is a promise from God that most of us do not take advantage of.

This principle is the principle of Firstfruits, or the tithe. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’ve heard tithing stuff a million times, I don’t need to read about it again!


Please stay with me. There is a blessing to be had that you really, really don’t want to miss out on!

There are over 500 verses in the bible on prayer and over 2000 verses on money and possessions! Half of Jesus’ parables were about material possessions. Jesus knew what competes the strongest with his rightful place in our lives…MONEY!

So why tithe? 3 great reasons for tithing:

1) God demands to be first.  A great way to put him first is through giving him that which we don’t want to let go of… our money! That is really hard to do and takes a supernatural kind of faith that can only come through Jesus Christ. The young rich man in Mark 10:17-31 must have thought it was too hard to put God first. I guess Cain did too. Read Genesis 4.

2) Everything belongs to God anyway. Some may say, “I’ve worked hard for what I have, I’m a self made man. Well, ask yourself this; who created you with your own unique set of gifts and talents? Who gives you oxygen to breathe? Can you really claim your possessions as your own? God also claims a certain amount for himself. He tells us that at least 10% belongs to him in the first place! Malachi 3:8 “Will a mere mortal rob God? But you ask, how are we robbing you? In tithes and offerings.” Notice it says tithes AND offerings. Offerings is what we give out of generosity from the 90% we have left.

So we don’t GIVE God 10%, we actually RETURN what is rightfully his in the first place! The offering is GIVING out of a supernatural generosity that comes as a result of our salvation through Jesus Christ!

3) Your life is guaranteed to be blessed by God. Malachi 3:10 “Bring all the tithes (All 10%) into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!”

In 1998 a survey was done that showed as a whole, Christians in the USA gave less than 2% to God.

Why are we not putting God to the test on this principle?

Join me in praying for more giving faith.

Remember this, God does not need our money, but oh how we need his blessings!

Do you really want a richer, fuller, more successful, more content life?

Put God first and leave the rest to Him. Matthew 6:33

Some may say, “I can’t afford to tithe.”

I say, “You can’t afford not to.”

So what about you? Any great tithing stories? Please share with the readers!


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Top 10 Guaranteed Ways To Insure Your UN-employment!

As owners of a manufacturing business, Shaundra and I employed between 50 and 75 people at any given time.



We witnessed a tremendous lack of commitment from the labor force. We went through hundreds of employees before we found people who even wanted to be trained to be effective employees.

I thought it would be fun to do a “David Letterman” top 10 thing. Sometimes a clear picture can be painted by pointing out the negative, so it will accentuate the positive. Here’s what I mean; If thinking small will insure your UN-employment, then this implies that thinking big will insure your EM-ployment.

Here we go…drum roll please!

The top 10 guaranteed ways to insure your UN-employment! (by the way, we actually witnessed all of these in our business!)

10. Use sick days for vacation and later complain about not having sick days when you are sick.

9.   Be a clock watcher

8.   Never help co-workers

7.   Think only of yourself

6.   Never meet expectations…exceeding expectations is completely out of the question!

5.   Think small

4.   Blame others for YOUR mistakes

3.   Have a bad attitude about everything

2.   Complain all the time


1.   Be late for work more often than you are on time!


If you are an employer then you probably have many more to add to this list. If you are an employee, do a self-examination to see if you are guilty of anything on this list.

You may not like your current job, BUT, by practicing the opposite of these 10 things you will notice 2 very important changes:

A) You will start to like your job more, even if it is still not your “dream job.”

B) Your reputation as a great employee will follow you and help you land a job you do enjoy!

How about you? Any enlightening ways to insure UN-employment or EM-polyment?


Let us hear from you! When you comment on this website our whole community gets to read and benefit from your knowledge and experience!

Next week: “10 Questions You Must Answer Before Entering Self-Employment”


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3 Reasons Why Giving To Others Provides Contentment For Yourself

give, gain and grow

Reason 1: Giving to others takes the focus off yourself.

Life has many avenues for stress. Job pressures, raising children, marriage, loss of a loved one, the list goes on and on. Pressures from life can build up and before you know it, you can become frustrated and discontent. One way to relieve that pressure is through giving to others. Giving to others redirects your focus on someone else rather than your own problems or victories.


Reason 2: He who sows generously also reaps generously.

Some of you may recognize these words of wisdom from the Bible. (2Corinthians 9:6) This piece of sage advice has been around for over 2000 years and what was true 2000 years ago is still true today! Why? Because it is the truth and truth never changes.

You will reap generously when you give to others. I don’t understand why we don’t test this scripture out more than we do. I recently read a quote by Anne Frank:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Chew on that for a while!

Reason 3: Eternal Investment.

Investing in the lives of others with your time, talent, and treasure will actually follow you into eternity. No material possessions that you accumulate in this life will actually go with you into the next life.

You will probably never see a hearse pulling a Uhaul filled with the deceased’s stuff! Helping meet other’s needs is the kind of stuff that will follow you into Heaven.


Ok, I have to admit, I like material possessions and I have them. I also have a financial advisor who I “invest” with. However, Shaundra and I, AND our financial advisor know our earthly investments are temporary.

But we also know how to take our earthly investments and “roll them over” into eternal investments…By Giving To Others!

If you are looking for a way to get involved in helping others, Shaundra and I would like to share Compassion International with you.   Compassion International

This is an organization that has consistently achieved a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator.  View Compassion’s Rating With Charity Navigator

Compassion’s mission statement is, “Releasing children from poverty in the name of Jesus.”

Please contact me or Shaundra at [keith@keithrushing.com] to find out how you can get involved in some eternal investing!

Please comment if you have positive stories about giving to others and how you have found contentment through giving!

Making Your Passion An Art

Ever witness someone doing something so well that it made you stop and take a second look?


Remember the video of the traffic cop directing traffic like no other traffic cop? It was almost like a dance! He developed his skills to the level of a masterful artist. You could call him the “Michelangelo” of traffic cops! (This video is one minute long and worth the watch!) Watch Traffic Cop Video

Shaundra and I recently ate at a restaurant in Orlando Florida called Ragland Road. It obviously had an Irish theme. Our server’s name was Paul. Our food was excellent and so was the ambience.

BUT, none of that compared to the skill in which Paul served us! Paul has developed his serving skills to an art. It was a pleasure to be served by someone who was so good at what he does.

Paul plied his trade at such an excellent level, he made us “stop and take a second look,” as we enjoyed watching the way he attended to us as customers! He was so good that we felt compelled to tell him so. When we did, Paul’s face lit up and he thanked us for our compliments. He said he loved what he did for a living and it showed!

So what is your passion? What are your unique gifts and abilities that God has given you?

Wanna be known as an artist?

Follow  these 3 steps:

1) Discover your gifts and abilities. What do you have the potential of being great at? What do your friends say you have a knack for?

2) Develop your gifts and abilities to an excellent level. God bestows the potential but it is up to you to develop that potential to an excellent level. Practice, practice, practice!

3) Apply your developed skills. Share your gifts with the world. If you choose to make a living with your passions then remember this…people will pay for quality!

Remember to work as if you are working for the Lord himself! (Colossians 3:23-24)

You may not ever paint a scene on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel, but you CAN develop your gifts and abilities to a level that will turn heads and make people say, WOW, that guy/gal is an artist!

Any great examples of people turning heads with their unique gifts and abilities?

Live Richer, Love Deeper, and Work Smarter!





3 Keys To Less Stress

Key To Her Heart     How would you like to free up some mental capacity? How would you like to have more focus in your life? How would you like to laugh more? You can have these and more by reducing stress and worry in your life!

Here are just 3 keys that will unlock the cage that stress can imprison you in:

A) Live below your means Always having more month than money left is a great contributor to stress and worry. The good news is you can solve this problem!

1) Stop spending so much!

In America we have confused needs with luxury. Food, shelter, and a community of people we love and who love us is what we need. Everything else is lagniappe, as we say in Louisiana. There is nothing wrong with cable, cars, boats, golf clubs, ATVs, second homes and such. What is stressful is taking care of all that stuff! AND, what’s worse than taking care of all that stuff, is buying it when you can’t really afford it! Don’t let money master you, YOU master money. I’m guilty of having too much stuff. Too many clothes, shoes, toys, etc. I just convinced myself to simplify! Today I make a trip to the thrift store. Not to buy but to give away. I already feel better.

2) Make more money.

Some people have a problem just meeting monthly bills. A second job to pay off debt is hard but worth the effort! A second job need only last long enough to get out of debt. After you are out of debt refer to item number 1 above!

B) Unplug from technology and go exercise Disconnect from your computer, iPad, cell phone, and any kind of information feeding device. Go on a walk or bike ride. Go to the gym. Mow the grass. Doing something physical helps the mental! Get alone and pray and meditate. Be still and know God is God. Shut up and listen to him. It is hard to hear God when you are talking or having your head buried in an electronic device.

C) Read scripture daily I saved the best for last! When Jesus asked this question, “who of you by worrying can add one hour to his life?” do you think anyone raised their hand?(Matt. 6:27) I doubt it!  Jesus told us to not worry and seek him first. He promises that if we will seek him first everything we were worrying about will be ours. (Matt.6:33) He is talking about needs here and NOT luxury items. We need to seek Jesus daily through reading his word. I have worried and been stressful many times in my life and still do on occasion. Reading scripture always gives me the proper prospective.

Today I’m committing to living WELL below my means, unplugging from technology and exercising every day, and reading scripture daily!

How about you? Any great stress reducers that work for you?

What I Learned From A Chick Flick!

I can already hear my buddies talking about taking away my man card!


What can a real man learn from a chick flick? Ha! More than you think…if it is well written with great actors and actresses.

Mom’s Night Out is all of that and more. I’m no movie critic but Shaundra and I go to a lot of movies. When “Movie Critics” give a faith based movie with a positive message bad marks…we usually love it!

The numbers I saw on this movie were:

  • 83% of movie critics DID NOT LIKE IT!
  • 89% of audiences LOVED IT! I rest my case.

3 Lessons I learned from “Mom’s Night Out”

1) Do not take yourself too seriously! Learning to laugh at life’s situations will reduce your stress level.

This movie made me laugh out loud several times. Good old fashion comedy is refreshing and a joy to watch. You will laugh out loud at some of the scenes in this movie. The movie simply exaggerates real life situations that most moms and dads face and that’s what makes it so funny. Most of us can relate.

2) Be yourself. God created us all uniquely different so don’t try to be someone you are not.

This bit of sage advice came from an unlikely source named Bones played by country music star Trace Adkins. Trace is as big as a redwood tree with a voice as deep as “Jacob’s Well.” If a man’s man can act in a chick flick then surely us guys can go watch it!

3) Mom’s really do need a night out!

Hopefully your night out will not be like the movie! Of course if you think your life is boring… that should do the trick! Seriously though, raising kids is not for the faint of heart. Raising kids is hard work and can be very stressful at times. This is reason enough for any mom to get away for a time and be alone or with other moms to enjoy some adult time.

When Shaundra and I were in the middle of child rearing I can vividly remember Shaundra telling me she needed some time away from the kids. My experience was when Shaundra got her alone time, me and the kids benefitted greatly!

Guys, help your wives have a time away from the kids! And don’t pawn the kids off to a guy named Bones!

So here is the bottom line of this post. We are what we read, watch and listen to. This movie is entertaining and it feeds your mind a great positive biblical message.

Maybe I AM a movie critic today… so I’m giving Mom’s Night Out two thumbs up!

Men…take your wife (or girlfriends for you single guys) on a date to see this movie! You will both love it.

Question: Have any of you seen any movies with a great uplifting message you can share with the rest of us?

Live richer, Love deeper, Work smarter!

– Keith

Second Best


I played football in the 7th and 8th grade for my junior high school. My 8th grade year was my last year to play football, I was a much better baseball and basketball player.

But I learned more about commitment, perseverance, and giving my very best in those two years of football, than the combined years in baseball and basketball in high school and college!

Why? I had a young football coach named Al Miller. Al was right out of college and gung-ho about the game.
Coach Miller believed so strongly in giving your best that he would not accept anything less. I remember one day in practice we were going one on one, me against another guy. The goal was to run over or through the guy to the goal line. We were put in a narrow short lane and were to come at each other on coach Miller’s whistle. I beat the other guy three times in a row!

Coach Miller hollered my name, I thought he was about to give me praise.

Instead he lifted me up by my shoulder pads and said there was no room on his field for second best!

Wow! I thought, what do you mean second best, I beat the guy three times in a row! Later I would realize, Coach Miller did not mean I was coming in second, he meant I was not giving him my best. I was giving him my second best.

There is another similar story in the Bible. It’s about two brothers named Cain and Able. I’m sure you’ve heard of Cain and Able, usually about Cain killing his brother Able.

It is the first recorded murder in human history.

But there is also a story about giving your best. God asked Cain and Able for offerings. The Bible says “Cain brought God some of his produce from his field. Able brought his first born from his livestock, his choicest cuts of meat. God accepts Able’s gift but rejects Cain’s.”

Why? Because Cain did not give God his best. God told Cain that if he did not give his best he would not be accepted.

God is saying because of your mediocrity, sin is crouching at your door ready to pounce on you.

Do not let sin master you! Well, obviously Cain continued his mediocre ways and sin did finally pounce on him when he killed Able.

Sin can use mediocrity as a spring board.

When second best becomes a habit, then second best leads to laziness, which leads to taking the path of least resistance or the easy way out.

Taking the easy way out leads to doing things that are morally and ethically wrong. If you don’t want sin to master you, don’t accept mediocrity!

No wonder God rejects mediocrity! Are you giving your best?

Coach Miller later moved on to become the strength coach at Alabama under the great “Bear” Bryant. He then moved on to the NFL and has coached with the NY Giants, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, and Oakland Raiders before retiring this year. Coach Miller has been a member of 4 Super Bowl teams and was inducted in the USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame in 2003. Coach Miller never gave his second best….and THANK YOU Coach Miller for not accepting my second best! (Link to Coach Miller video)

Do you have a “giving your best” story?  Let us hear from you!

Live Richer. Love Deeper. Work Smarter.

Portrait Of Three Generation Family On Beach Holiday

Hello and welcome to my blog. There are three areas in life my wife and I have seemed to do well at. 1) Running successful businesses 2) raising three wonderful children 3) having a fulfilling beautiful marriage for 35 years. Does this make us experts in those areas? No. BUT, knowing what does not work is as important as what does work! We’ve stepped in a lot of pot holes so we know where they are. We can help you avoid them and stay on smoother pavement!

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. Live richer. We encourage people to understand we live in a world of abundance and not in a world of scarcity. The creation in which we live is full of wonderment and opportunities, and we can enjoy our Creator and the creation. We are all gifted and talented in unique ways…it is the way God designed us. We are designed to enjoy abundance, not scarcity. When we are working and living in our God-designed area of giftedness and developed talents, we are on the road to success in our marriage and family relationships and our work careers.
  2. Love deeper. We encourage people to make relationships with others a priority. When your relationship with God and others is not what it SHOULD be, the other parts of your life will never be what they CAN be.
  3. Work smarter. We encourage people to find their passion, and then help them design a career around their passion! When your passion IS your work, it never seems like work. When you’re working at something you are passionate about, you are usually very proficient, when you are very proficient your work is excellent. When excellence happens, you have a product or a skill that is usually very marketable and very valuable…which means you earn a very high level of income!

I will write a blog once a week. There will be written material, podcast audios, videos, and other stuff available here at keithrushing.com. Check back often for the latest information on how you can live, love, and work to your full potential.

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Thank you for reading today!