D.A.T.E. Your Wife

Picnic/Hiking Date

Picnic/Hiking Date



I “dated” my husband before we got married. We don’t need to “date” anymore. I’m perfectly happy raising our kids, cooking, cleaning house, and watching my adorable husband watch golf on tv…said no woman ever!!!

Hurry Up And Slow Down!




We are always in a hurry to go go go. Some of us are in a hurry to get to work, a hurry to leave work, a hurry to leave for vacation, a hurry to get back from vacation! What’s the big hurry?

I have noticed while driving on the interstate that people drive like they have a pregnant woman in the car about to give birth!

Try This One Word To Help You Live A More Fulfilled Life In 2015…Engage

No, I’m not talking about becoming engaged to marry someone! Hey, a few years ago (37 and change) I did become engaged to my high school sweetheart, Shaundra, and that has certainly helped me live a fulfilled life! BUT, that’s not the kind of engaged I’m talking about today.

In today’s blog when I say engage, I mean action. For example, “engage the car in first gear and let’s go!”

Reap Huge Benefits In 2015 From This One Simple Practice!



You can read about hundreds of ways to live healthy, live successful, live fulfilled, live happier in general. There are books on goal setting and go-getting. Today I will share with you a proven concrete action you can take this year that will accomplish all of the above…plus some!

In this blog you will learn the key to:

1)   Getting and staying more focused

2)   Honing your people skills

3)   Lowering your blood pressure

4)   Reducing stress

5)   Reducing heart disease

6)   Adding years to your life

7)   Being more productive in your work

8)   Making more friends

9)   Creating deeper friendships

10) Being generally happier in life

I like to keep things simple so I’m going to give you one single word that will accomplish all of the above. AND, I’ll show you a Harvard study that backs my claim up! Are you ready?